Barite weighting material, which is naturally occurring barium sulphate, is used to increase the density of drilling fluids. Its chemical formula is BaSO4 and pure barite contains 65.7% BaO and 34.3% SO3. Geologically, barite is thought to have its origin as a deposition from hot waters circulated from deep in the earth. It is chemically inert and does not affect drilling fluid chemical properties.

Due to its high density and low cost, barite is the most commonly used weighting agent to increase the density of all drilling fluids up to 20 lb/gal (2.40 SG). Barite is also soft and nonabrasive containing few impurities and does not interact with other drilling fluid components.

Typical Properties

Appearance:Fine Powder
Bulk density:1920 - 2400 kg/m³
Specific Gravity:4.2 (min.)
Soluble hardness (as calcium):250 mg/kg (max.)
Particles >75 micron (wet screen):3% (max.)
Particles <6 micron (wet screen):30% (max.)

Barite additive can provide the following benefits:

  • By increasing slurry density, it help srestra in high formation pressures and improve mud displacement.
  • It is applicable in deep, high-temperature wells.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)does not classify barite additive as a hazardous waste.

1.5 MT Water Proof Big Bag.